Otto Ops was founded in March 2014 by Paul and Sarah Otto. Paul handles the technical aspects and consulting services. Sarah handles business operations and content management for Otto Ops. See our testimonials.

Paul's Personal Bio

Paul lives in Centennial, Colorado with his wife Sarah, and their four children. He has been in and out of technology his entire life. He took to programming early - his father taught him BASIC when he was around 6 years old. He began to learn C when he got the source code to Wayne Bell's WWIV bulletin board system for DOS. His first paid programming work was for Gamma Scientific in San Diego, CA writing a computer-based user interface to control a piece of light measurement hardware. He held a couple of full-time programming jobs before joining the US Army, where he served for seven years, including a tour in Iraq in 2003

Paul's Professional Bio

Since leaving the Army, Paul has worked a number of technology jobs. He worked as an Oracle DBA and Java developer at Qwest Communications (now CenturyLink). At Beatport he served as a database developer, working with a number of technologies to include: CouchDBHadoopMySQLPentaho, and PHP. At GoDaddy he served as a Senior MySQL DBA and Engineer. He served as the Architect of Infrastructure and Data Services at TrackVia, Inc working with Galera Cluster for MySQL, AWS, and Java to name a few. As the cofounder of Otto Ops, he now provides expert consulting services to companies in the Greater Denver Area as well as remotely to anywhere.

Paul's current areas of focus include:

  • Automated scalability of server infrastructure
  • Leveraging Amazon Web Services (AWS) for virtualization
  • Highly available (HA) database architecture
  • Mesos cluster computing for resilient deployments
  • Big Data - Druid, MapReduce, Spark
  • Docker deployments through Marathon on Mesos
  • Puppet management of multiple datacenters with Linux and Windows servers

Sarah's Bio

Sarah handles all business decisions for Otto Ops. Sarah graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Accounting in 2010 at Metropolitan State University of Denver. Prior to that, she spent 3 years in the Army. Sarah also worked as a receptionist and bookkeeper while pursuing her degree.

As the operations manager, Sarah oversees the full range of administrative, logistical, and operational duties. Sarah handles the financial decisions and reporting, as well as writes the contracts and proposals for new clients. Sarah spends most of her time researching the latest tech trends and keeping Paul updated while he spends his time focused on our clients' needs.