“Before Paul joined us, we were running our jobs on individual servers, manually dealing with ssh, crashes, restarts… The changes that he brought literally improved the quality of our lives —Mesos, Marathon, Jenkins, puppet, docker…a whole new world, at a time when those were still new ideas with very buggy implementations. His contributions allowed our team to grow to the next stage, from a few servers to several clusters with hundreds of nodes. And all done with a great dedication and attention to detail and, even better, a great sense of humor ;-)"
Agustin Schapira - Software Architect

"Paul came to TrackVia at a time when TrackVia was in need of a expert MySQL database administrator. Paul was instrumental in scaling the databases and business. Paul make significant architectural changes that solved production issues and provided room for growth. I would highly recommend Paul for anyone needing database expertise."
Todd Benge - Vice President of Engineering

"Paul is an extremely capable DBA that I would love to work with again in the future. He was diligent in his work, making sure to truly understand problems and coordinate solutions with the application teams. Additionally Paul was able to successfully operate in a large legacy environment with 50+ consumer applications with no common patterns between them."
Chris Giard - Manager, Online Data Stores

"It's impossible to sum up Paul in one of those easy to use phrases like "detail-oriented" or "self-starter" because he encapsulates everything it is to be a rock star. Working with Paul is like having brain steroids delivered via osmosis because of his ability to make everyone else around him better. His technical skills are top notch but he doesn't make you feel inferior about it. Since he left, I have consistently looked for ways to work with Paul again, not only because of his engineering experience but also his kind demeanor."
Jeremy Tinley - Senior MySQL Engineer

"Paul is an amazingly talented and professional engineer. He has a wealth of knowledge that extends beyond a typical engineer. He was able to successfully fine tune and scale a rather complex MySQL database that seemed to be unfixable. I have been nothing but impressed with his knowledge, commitment and professionalism. I would highly recommend Paul to any future employment opportunities and I hope that one day I will be able to work with him again."
Tim Muzzin - Software Engineer / Consultant at Code House Inc.

“Paul is a skilled engineer that is a valuable addition to any team. He is very adept at getting to the crux of a situation and tackling problems head-on. Interactions with him are quite straightforward and enjoyable. He brings with him a great set of values and he never hesitates to do the right thing. Paul is a valuable asset wherever he is.”
Ilia Cheishvili  -  Senior Software Engineer 

“I highly recommend Paul Otto in any Database or IT management role. In the past I have worked closely with Paul as Senior DBAs for GoDaddy.com. I found Pauls knowledge to be in depth and advanced. Additionally his work ethic and integrity are difficult to find. Paul Otto would be an asset to any corporation he joins.”
Albert Aguirre  -  Sr Systems Administrator / DBA 

“Paul is great. When he and I worked in the same groups together at Beatport he commonly took the lead in our agile group and took the role of scrum leader. He always knew the current state of all of the issues and usually he organized the post-sprint demos to show our solution to the rest of the company. Paul is organized and has great leadership qualities. 

As far as his database and technical knowledge, Paul prides himself on knowing all of the intricacies of the technology that he works with and is more than willing to help out anyone with any SQL questions that may arise. He helped me after we both left Beatport with some SQL that I was stuck on and he was fast with a response and the solution was spot-on. 

I'd work with Paul again in a heat beat.”
Steve Webb  -  Staff System Administrator 

“You won’t find anyone in the IT industry with a broader range of skills than Paul Otto. From project management to Linux administration to UI design and every technology in-between, Paul truly has the extensive experience necessary to lead a company into its next growth stage and beyond.”
Brian Papantonio  -  Senior Database Engineer

“Unfortunately, I did not have the opportunity to work directly with Paul due to differences in our schedules (I was working nights at the time), but I heard nothing but praise for him from my coworkers and we desperately want him to come back. :-)”
Jason Lynch  -  MySQL Database Administrator