Count on Otto Ops for your Database Consulting

Otto Ops has the expertise in database performance optimization to help companies manage and resolve their most challenging database problems. With experience managing both startup and enterprise infrastructures, Otto Ops can help any company optimize their database systems.

Otto Ops believes in a full service approach to helping all of our clients. We do this by:

  1. Meeting to evaluate your current database configuration and discussing all of your challenges as well as your goals.
  2. Preparing a detailed proposal identifying the best approach to tackle the issues with an estimated timeline to achieve all of your goals.
  3. Architecting a solution appropriate to the determined problem set.
  4. Assembling comprehensive documentation to ensure that you and your staff know how to manage your database without continuous help from Otto Ops.

Database technologies supported include:

  • Druid Realtime Database
  • Galera Cluster for MySQL
  • Oracle MySQL
  • Percona XtraDB
  • Percona XtraDB Cluster

Database services provided:

  • Database performance
  • Database query and table optimization
  • Database scalability
  • Database security
  • Database server architecture
  • Database server availability
  • I/O subsystem tuning
  • Management system tuning
  • Schema design and implementation
  • Data analysis and reporting
  • Data integrity
  • Data migration
  • Data modeling
  • Database administration and maintenance
  • Database backup & recovery planning and implementation
  • Database clustering and / or replication
  • Database engine tuning